We have chosen 50 Reasons for Hope but this is only a partial list. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of organizations and citizens working on behalf of Jerusalem. There is more work to do, but for us, Jerusalem civil society organizations, each individual and organization that works to turn Jerusalem into a better place is a reason for hope.

Click here for an activity outline to assist educators interested in using materials on the 50 Reasons for Hope site for discussion with youth & exposing participants to diverse voices/opinions in Jerusalem

“Giveret im Salim” Woman with Baskets

Every Thursday afternoon, at Jerusalem’s famous, colorful open air market, Hillel students help the elderly carry their heavy shopping bags in exchange for life advice

Rabbi Benny Lau

Rabbi Benny Lau is a trailblazer committed to helping Orthodoxy negotiate a balance between tradition and modernity

Tantur Center

The Tantur Center led by Rabbi Russell MacDugall, seeks to create a bridge, connection and closeness between Christians, Jews and Muslims in Jerusalem

This is Jerusalem! Events

An alternative way to celebrate the week surrounding Jerusalem Day 

Mesila (Tracks) Park

A park established in Jerusalem instead of a highway – it connects  Jews, Arabs, secular, religious, affluent and poor people around a common lifeline

Jerusalem Pride Parade

The Jerusalem Pride Parade celebrates the diversity of the city and the right of the residents to choose their way of life

Hashgacha Pratit

An alternative system founded by Rabbi Aharon Leibowitz based on values of trust and partnership that allows citizens to adhere to the laws of kashrut

Jerusalem Teachers’ Room

Jewish, Muslim, and Christian teachers meet up for a year-long journey of learning and dialogue

Bezalel Cohen

Rabbi Bezalel Cohen is the head of an innovative Yeshiva that aims to integrate ultra-Orthodox students into broader Israeli society

Tahrir Bar

An innovative bar in the heart of the Mahane Yehuda market that connects all different types of people through a love for music

Saying No to the Landfill

Residents of Jerusalem – Jews, Muslims, Christians, young and old, religious and secular – joined together to protest a trash landfill that was supposed to be constructed in their neighborhood – they won! 

Meeting Point

The Jerusalem Movement holds public discussions in Zion Square, open to all, as a result of the murder of a young woman last year at the Jerusalem Pride Parade

Uri Amedi

In recent years, the Mahane Yehuda Market has gone from abandoned and decrepit to the hippest place in Jerusalem

Rashut HaRabim – Shavuot

Every year, the Jerusalem Forum of Jewish Renaissance Organizations creates a map of the various “tikkunei leil Shavuot” – the all-night learning events in Jerusalem, and highlights the diversity of the city

Rabba Tamar Elad Applebaum

Rabba Tamar Elad Appelbaum is the founder of Zion: An Eretz Yisrael Community – a community of Israeli Jews of all backgrounds, beliefs, customs, and practices, gathering together to re-dream Jerusalem as a meeting point for all

Racheli Ibenboim

Racheli is the founder and director of Movilot, a vocational leadership organization for ultra-Orthodox women


The Sacred Music Festival run by Jerusalem Season of Culture

Hevruta (Shalom Hartman Institute)

A gap-year program that brings Israeli and North Americans together for a year of learning, volunteering, and making Jerusalem a better place