This is Jerusalem! A series of events celebrating diversity in Jerusalem

This is Jerusalem! is a week of events celebrating love of Jerusalem through a variety of beliefs, prayers, populations and lifestyles. We, the partnership organizations of This is Jerusalem! Insist on viewing Jerusalem’s multiculturalism as a gift. We believe wholeheartedly that no matter if you are: Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Arab, Israeli, left wing, right-wing, secular, religious, Zionist, ultra-Orthodox, liberal or conservative – if you believe in the equal right of each and every one of Jerusalem’s residents, you are one of us.

We believe the real wealth of Jerusalem lies in its pluralism and diversity. We believe in the power and strength of the community and the city’s pluralistic civil society to be a major player in shaping the character of the city.

This is Jerusalem! includes dozens of organizations in Jerusalem, holding a series of events that exalts the characteristic diversity of Jerusalem, including tours, marches, a wide range of events, joint prayers and other events which demonstrate the beauty and richness inherent in the differences and the potential of creating bridges, connections, communication, building trust and listening to all the different voices that share Jerusalem.

In tandem, 50 Reasons for Hope turns the spotlight on people, organizations and institutions that make Jerusalem an even better place. This is a showcase of the cutting edge of civil activism in Jerusalem, determined to build bridges instead of walls, highlight the activities that seek to connect rather than exclude. But this is only a partial list, there are hundreds, if not thousands of organizations and individuals working toward a better Jerusalem.

Alongside This is Jerusalem! and 50 reasons for Hope, you can find and download our database of lesson plans, teaching resources, which shows stills and video, recorded lectures, reference books and studies.

This is Jerusalem is sponsored by The City’s Community Councils and Rashut HaRabim: the Jerusalem Forum of Jewish Renaissance organizations with support from the Municipality of Jerusalem among other donors.

The 50 Reasons to Hope campaign, videos and resource center, are created by Rashut HaRabim with support from the Schusterman Foundation and the Leichtag Foundation.

Join us in creating hope!