Here you can find diverse ways of teaching and learning about the beauty, complex and the Multiculturalism- that the city of Jerusalem is filled with.

50 Reasons for Hope – Activity Outline to Accompany Videos


To assist educators interested in using materials on the 50 Reasons for Hope site for discussion with youth & exposing participants to diverse voices/ opinions in Jerusalem

Source: Rotem Yehoshua Director of Israel Engagement, The Shlichut & Israel Fellows Unit The Jewish Agency

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(is) Jerusalem at the Center

[Adults,Youth, Kids]

Community Beit Midrash: Questions about center and centrality in the past, present, and future with a variety of Jewish sources

Source: Rabbi Meirav Kallush, HUC

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Tachles – Hebrew for Yom Yerushalayim

[Adults,Youth, Kids]

Tachles – fun, easy and useful Hebrew experiential learning, using Jerusalem sites and points of interest

Source: World Zionist Organization

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Jerusalem through the Rail

[Adults, Youth, Kids]

Lesson Plan for the 50 Anniversary of Jerusalem: A Tour around the City by the Light Rail Stops

Source: Shalom Hartman Institute

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Yerushalayim Shel Barzel – Jerusalem of Iron

[ Adults, Youth, Kids ]

Activity based on the 1967 song by Meir Ariel

Source: Makom

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