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Residents and those who love Jerusalem from afar can download a collection of digital resources including lesson plans, study sources, video and web-based photo exhibitions that can be downloaded, recorded lectures, and other sources that we hope you find useful and inspiring.


Exhibitions by civil society organizations in Jerusalem, which present a rich mosaic and a delicate texture of life in the city. The exhibitions are accompanied by an array of activities.

1967-2017 :Jerusalem at 50

[Adults, Youth, Kids]

An array of activities for pictures and exhibitions of Jerusalem

Source: Makom

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Faces of Jerusalem

[Adults,Youth, Kids]

Mosaic of pictures of places, people, and moments in Jerusalem that can serve as a basis for educational and communal activities

Source: World Zionist Organization

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Jerusalem Educators

[Adults, Youth, Kids]

The exhibition presents the story of 12 teachers from the diverse social, ethnic and religious mosaic of Jerusalem. Everyone shares an educational vision, all of them reasons for hope. Download and print the exibition and lesson plans.

Source: HUC & RHR

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We Are Here

[Adults, Youth, Kids]

The exhibition was created in the wake of the difficult summer of 2014, a mosaic of boys and girls, in a joint message of hope. Creating a collage of challenges, neighborhoods and characters. Download and print the exhibition and the accompanying video in three languages.

Click here for the video

Source: Jerusalem Season of Culture

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It Takes a Village: From Gondar to Jerusalem

[Adults, Youth, Kids]

It Takes a Village: From Gondar to Jerusalem.

source: Makom – the Israel Education Lab of

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