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Residents and those who love Jerusalem from afar can download a collection of digital resources including lesson plans, study sources, video and web-based photo exhibitions that can be downloaded, recorded lectures, and other sources that we hope you find useful and inspiring.


Diverse ways of teaching and learning about the beauty, complexity, and multiculturalism of Jerusalem

50 Reasons for Hope – Activity Outline to Accompany Videos


To assist educators interested in using materials on the 50 Reasons for Hope site for discussion with youth & exposing participants to diverse voices/ opinions in Jerusalem

Source: Rotem Yehoshua Director of Israel Engagement, The Shlichut & Israel Fellows Unit The Jewish Agency

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(is) Jerusalem at the Center

[Adults,Youth, Kids]

Community Beit Midrash: Questions about center and centrality in the past, present, and future with a variety of Jewish sources

Source: Rabbi Meirav Kallush, HUC

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Tachles – Hebrew for Yom Yerushalayim

[Adults,Youth, Kids]

Tachles – fun, easy and useful Hebrew experiential learning, using Jerusalem sites and points of interest

Source: World Zionist Organization

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Jerusalem through the Rail

[Adults, Youth, Kids]

Lesson Plan for the 50 Anniversary of Jerusalem: A Tour around the City by the Light Rail Stops

Source: Shalom Hartman Institute

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Yerushalayim Shel Barzel – Jerusalem of Iron

[ Adults, Youth, Kids ]

Activity based on the 1967 song by Meir Ariel

Source: Makom

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